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Manipal School of Architecture and Planning organises its cultural fest- Equinox ‘22

Manipal, 27th September 2022: Manipal School of Architecture and Planning (MSAP), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, organised its fest Equinox. The fest was organised on the 24th of September 2022 by MSAP’s student council and faculty. The students not only enjoyed the fest held in TMA Pai Auditorium on Saturday, but a week-long of costume themes and one day filled with games and excitement, before this main event.
Equinox featured both academic achievements and cultural prowess of the college. With an award ceremony for the winners of different sports and cultural competitions, the achievements of multiple students were highlighted. The prizes were distributed by the Director, Dr Ramadevi Nandineni along with the Hon’ble Chief Guest, Dr Ashwini Kumar, Deputy Director, Student Affairs, MAHE who in his speech, also stressed upon the importance of a cultural fest and how it can bring changes in the mental state of a young crowd. With an investiture ceremony, the Student Council 22-23 was named through announcement of results at the venue.
The cultural events highlighted both the students and faculty showing off their talents. While the faculty showed off their skills through dance and music, the students showed their talents in various fields like dancing, singing, and ramp walks. Each forum performed during the event and the cultural events were concluded with the 4th year students’ performances.
The whole community present in the event, appreciated and realised how important it is for one to take part in organising any event, to develop and improve one’s public speaking skills, organisation skills, team development and management, which would all result in building better career in future.
As mentioned in one of the speeches today, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Being at Equinox, it made us notice that, great responsibility would also bring out an array of positive characters from a person.

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