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Manipal College of Nursing Inspires Youth to Donate Blood

Manipal: 1 st April 2022: To motivate young students to donate blood, Manipal College of Nursing, Student Nurses’ Association organized a blood donation drive on 30 th March 2022 at
Kasturba Hospital, Manipal.

A large number of students volunteered to donate blood and also staff from the various institutions participated in this drive. A total of 111 volunteerblood donations were done on this day. One of the students who donated blood many times said, every day we find requests in social media that a patient is in need of blood but most of the times we ignore it or think someone else will give it. But if that was our family or friend wouldn’t we want it urgently? He said, this is what motivates him to donate blood whenever possible. It doesn’t matter whose life you save rather how many lives you save. So, donate blood as many time as you can. Many students donated blood for the first time. They were excited to donate blood and
expressed that it was a great experience and felt proud of themselves for doing a great job.

After donating blood, they felt really good that their little contribution could give another person a chance to survive. We had many female students who came up for blood donation. One of the students expressed that “although I have always wanted to donate blood, I never had the courage nor the opportunity before. The reason why I donated blood is that, as a student nurse, I have seen many situations where surgeries and emergency procedures had to be delayed due to the non-availability of blood and this made me think “ a little pain that I can bear can help to save someone’s life and now that I have donated blood, I can assure anyone that
the process is not at all scary”. One or the other day I or any of my near ones will need blood, and the fear of donating
blood should not be a reason for losing a life. Through this blood donation drive, the students of Manipal College of Nursing would like to give the message to our youth to come
forward, donate blood. Never refuse to donate blood if you can, as you may be the next needy.
Encourage everyone to donoate blood and save lives.

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