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Sagarika Ghose has called upon the students to ‘think and act independently’

Well-known writer-journalist Sagarika Ghose has called upon the students to ‘think and act
independently’ withstanding the interference of any government in their matters of private choice.
The government cannot decide on behalf of the students – on what ‘they should wear, eat, think and
act’, she asserted.
Interacting with the students of Gandhian Centre for Philosophical Arts and Sciences (GCPAS),
MAHE here on Saturday, Ms Sagarika Ghose, the author of the book “Why I am a liberal”, said that
the freedom of every kind,(enshrined in the Constitution), should be guarded carefully by the students
against any interference by any government. “That is exactly the spirit of my book and I have also
drawn from Mahatma Gandhi in this regard. Satyagrahi is an ideal idealist” she added.

Ms Sagarika, who has also authored biographies of two late prime ministers – Indira Gandhi and Atal
Bihari Vajpayee – said her approach to biographical writing is to bring in certain ‘fictional form to the
factual content.’ She also read out a few passages from her both the books to demonstrate her point.
As a journalist with a wide-ranging experience in both print and electronic media, Ms Sagarika said,
while the media scene is changing technologically, the values are at stake, warranting serious
consideration. In the beginning, the GCPAS Head Prof Varadesh Hiregange mentioned that Ms
Sagarika’s creativity manifests in different ways such as journalism, fiction and biography.

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