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MAHE brings out a book on Surgical Aphorisms

Manipal: Manipal Universal Press (MUP), Manipal Academy of
Higher Education (MAHE) has brought out a book titled The Wisdom behind Surgical Aphorisms authored by Dr S Shivananda Prabhu, Professor and Unit Head, Department of Surgery, KMC, Mangalore.

Lt Gen (Dr) M D Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor, MAHE released the book published by Manipal Universal Press on December 23, 2022 at the Medical Education AV Hall, KMC, Mangalore.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Venkatesh said, “I am here as a fellow surgeon today.” The Vice Chancellor of MAHE, Manipal was a practicing surgeon for over four decades. While speaking about his experience with the book, he mentioned its fluid readability and relatability it holds for experienced surgeons as well. “Novice surgeons”, he elaborated,
“face insecurity and security in the operation theatre.” This has been captured in the book through added guidance by the author in understanding the aphorisms that are passed down from age-old master surgeons. He ended his remarks in praise of the book being pure
distilled wisdom, and also complimented Manipal Universal Press for its accomplishments.

The author, Dr Shivananda Prabhu, spoke about how the book begin as an endeavour during COVID times two and a half years back, and became a memoir to his experiences as a surgeon. He was consistently inspired and guided by his mentors through the process. Their
wisdom served as a trigger to begin collecting aphorisms by master surgeons in various forms. His resilient efforts in bringing the book to fruition inspired and impressed the audience.

Welcoming the guests, Dr Neeta Inamdar, Chief Editor, MUP detailed the processes of MUP and invited young doctors and authors to come out with books.

Dr Dilip S Naik, Pro Vice Chancellor of MAHE, Mangalore campus, Dr Suresh Shetty, Dr Pramod Kumar, and Dr Shrikala Baliga, the Associate Deans of Kasturba Medical College, and Mr Arvind N, Managing Editor at MUP were also present at the function.

At the end, Ms Rucha Sahasrabudhe, Editorial Coordinator at MUP proposed a vote of thanks. The Master of Ceremony was Dr Saraswati Sriram.

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