Indian heritage is multi-cultural and multi-religious, and no religion can claim monopoly over it~ Prof Pralay Kanungo

Speaking about Religion, Heritage, and Identity,in a special session organized by Gandhian Centre for Philosophical Arts and Sciences, MAHE, in association with Nehru Study Centre, Mangalore Universit y here in Manipal, Prof Kanungo said, of course, religion, heritage, and identity are connected concepts, However, heritage belongs to all religions, cutting across identities.


Unfolding his specific study on ancient place Varanasi/ Kashi/ Banaras, Prof Kanungo methodically argued that the heritage of Varanasi carries the strands of different religions and no one religion can lay claim over the heritage, i.e., Varanasi. He also cited several instances to this


Speaking earlier, GCPAS Head Prof Varadesh Hiregange said there has to be a dispassionate inquiry about – religion, heritage, and identity- which, instead of leading to peace, are provoking passion. Prof Rajaram Tolpadi of the Nehru Study Centre said the diversity of Varanasi is its richness. Many scholars, including Prof K P Rao, Prof Phaniraj, and Students from different departments participated.


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